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Many years of observation of the fruit market and the needs of our consumers, clearly developed our goals and values. As the experienced planters and exporters, we know that only connection of the interests of two parties guarantees success and long-term cooperation..

Cooperating closely with a group of experienced growers, we have built the effective partnership based on high quality standards. We have also created a set of strict rules concerning crop, plant protection and fruit storage, which we gradually impose on our growers and which we all effectively adhere to.

We specialize mostly in raspberries and strawberries, but we are strongly committed to meet our customers needs, that is why our offer includes blueberries and other fruits.

Our group operates in Poland, mainly in the Lublin region - one of the ecologically cleanest regions in Europe.

Basing on our knowledge, contacts and the potential of the region, we are able to offer you delicious fruit.